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mini-biography = lala
"how to disappear completely", "the machine", "the wall", 1986, 80's jewelry, a clockwork orange, alcohol, alexa m's writing, alfred hitchcock, alicia keys=totally awesome, antiques, aqua teen hunger force, art, autumn, badlands, beads, beck, being mean, being nice, ben folds five, board games, bobby budnik(sp?), bonnie "prince" billy, candyland, capt. scrap's (r.i.p.), cardigans, catpower, centaurs, chicago, choke, chuck palahniuk, civil war hats, clothes, cowboy bebop, dancing a bit, dane cook, david blane, david lynch, desire, diary, donkey lips, drama, drinking, ebay, elephant, elephant man, elves, explosions in the sky, faeries, fantasy, fight club (the book), fight club (the movie), film, filming, forests, ganja, geeks, global guts, godspeed you black emperor, gummo, half.com, halloween, hannah marcus, harmony korine, harry potter, heroes, hurt, i dreamed a dream, j.d. sallinger, jeans, jewelry, john lennon, joni mitchell, kids in the hall, kissing, led zeppelin, life, losers, low, lullaby, magical forests, making my own jewelry, maria emmy, meeting new people, meeting people is easy, michael moore, music, musical theater, my brother, my camera, my car, my mom, my old backyard, my true friends, myself (yipee!), mythical creatures, nick swardson, october 31st, our old house, peace, peace of mind, pharoahe monch, pink flloyd, pointelle wrap sweaters, radiohead, rainbows, reading, rear window, reno 911!, rus hickman, sadneofolkish (something maria said), sadness, salad fingers, salute your shorts, scattergories, shoes, singing, sitting outside in autumn, south park, stevie wonder, stranger than fiction, strangers with candy, talking, the beginning of autumn, the brother's quay, the choir invincible, the dreamers, the exorcist, the idea of love, the idea of sex, the microphones, the roots, tibetan skull beads, trevor ogden, truly gifted people, vertigo, weather vanes, weirdos, will oldham, will., world's greatest animation, writing